Personal account Permenergosbyt

PJSC "Permenergosbyt" is a power system that provides electricity to the entire Perm Territory, both individuals and legal entities. In addition to the production and connection of electricity itself, the company provides its supply and maintenance of electric networks.

According to the statutory regulations, every citizen or organization receiving electricity must have special meters for settlements with the company, and report monthly indications of energy consumption by any of the proposed methods, including through Permenergosbyt's personal account.

Пермэнергосбыт официальный сайт

Personal account features

More recently, the option of transmitting electricity meter data online has become available for Permenergosbyt's customers. This method has significant advantages over the traditional ones: for personal visits to offices, by phone of a support service or through special boxes. Customers can, without leaving their homes and without wasting time waiting in line, record data and pay for electricity. The ability to pay an invoice and enter meter readings is available around the clock anywhere from devices with Internet access.

The main services that can be obtained through Permenergosbyt's personal account are as follows:

  • Filling in the readings of electricity meters.
  • Ability to pay for electricity online without commission.
  • Obtaining current information on the status of the subscriber account.
  • The ability to order the necessary service.
  • Printout of a receipt for payment of electricity.
  • Service for assistance and expert advice through correspondence.

Registration and access to your personal account

To register in the system, you must enter the contract number on the personal account page, consisting of 11 digits and last name (without first name and patronymic), then click the “Next” button. On the next page, you will need to enter the eleven-digit phone number taking into account the city code, landline or mobile, and click "Login". The procedure has been completed and work through the Permenergosbyt personal account has become available.

Пермэнергосбыт личный кабинет

Since authorization is performed at each login, the “reset password” option for this system is not required.


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  1. I can not enter my personal account. You probably intentionally changed the page so that we did not have access. And do your dirty deeds. This is not good.

  2. Good afternoon! Why for some time now I can’t access the website of Permenergosbyt. Information appears that “the page has been moved or is temporarily unavailable”

  3. Via personal account per email energy cannot be paid with a card, the service is nowhere worse.

  4. Permyenergosbyt has a personal account from 90s ... and sometimes payment by card does not work, the server gives an error