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PJSC “Quadra - Generation Company” is the largest producer and supplier of electric and thermal energy in the wholesale and retail market of the Central Federal District. 20 power plants and 230 boiler houses cover the needs of more than a quarter of the region’s inhabitants. For the convenience of subscribers, the Kvadra Lipetsk personal account is available on the official website of the company - a personal section allowing you to receive part of the services remotely.

Квадра Липецк официальный сайт

Possibilities of a personal account

Using the Kvadra Lipetsk personal account, company customers get the opportunity significantly save time and simplify the process of interaction with the energy supplier. At the same time, there is no need to perform any additional actions - everything necessary for this is available online through the official website of Quadra Lipetsk from any device with access to the Internet.

  • Information on current tariffs for heat and electricity. || | 43
  • Нормативно-правовая база, регламентирующая действующие тарифы и порядок начисления оплат на государственном и муниципальном уровнях.
  • The procedure for transmitting the readings of individual metering devices and instructions on the various methods of transmitting them (by territorial branches).
  • Reference information on the operating mode and procedure for receiving citizens at the addresses of the branches, as well as the contacts of the necessary services. | || 46
  • Шаблоны различных документов, необходимых для оформления поставок энергоресурсов.
  • Actual news and announcements.
  • Useful information on creating templates and setting up auto payments through Sberbank.
  • Feedback form with technical support staff.

Registration and login to your personal account

Registration of the personal section of the site, entry into the personal account of Quadra Lipetsk and authorization in it are not required. All the necessary information, as well as the functionality of the site, are available in the "Clients" section when choosing a service branch of the company in the territory of residence.

Квадра Липецк личный кабинет

This creates additional convenience, since there is no need to remember or store authorization data, and is also not relevant “password reset” service, which often requires a personal visit to the company’s office.


Do you use your personal account in Quadra Lipetsk? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Уважаемая компания «Квадра». Что такого произошло в апреле месяце с отоплением. Мой счёт 30409374, за март 1633р 33к, а апрель 2220р. 27к. Пожалуйста объясните.

  2. Hello! is it possible to transmit the testimony of the hot water IPU through the personal account of LGEK?

  3. Question to accountants who charge utility bills for what month the debt of the tenant: the debt was repaid in March, I don’t know for which month, but again this debt appeared in payments for April? I wonder where it comes from

  4. I live in a new house at Oskanova St. 1. Why are we charged for heating according to the standards, although the house is equipped with modern equipment to automatically transmit the readings of individual heat meters? And what kind of standards are these if they charge us for a warm winter, like in Yakutia?

  5. Good afternoon! I submitted the meter readings through my personal account, as I work on a rotational basis. On January 22, 2018, the site worked, but the testimony was not received earlier than the 23rd, and on January 23 the site stopped its work! And no notice! Where and how to testify? This was done intentionally so that people could not submit data on time?