Personal account of RTS Omsk

Omsk Distribution Heat Networks JSC, short name - “Omsk RTS”, is engaged in the heat supply and heat supply business, organizing the supply of the population of the city of Omsk with heat energy - heating and hot water. RTS Omsk personal account makes it easier for responsible tenants to keep records of heating and hot water supply services and makes it possible to make cashless payments on your personal account.

РТС Омск официальный сайт

Opportunities for your personal account

Through the account in the service, RTS Omsk personal account the subscriber is provided with:

  • General information about the personal account, subscriber’s address, amount of charges and the size of the last payment for services.
  • Details of the servicing subscriber department.
  • Access to details payments and charges for the current and archive periods.
  • Uncommissioned online payments from Visa and MasterCard cards.
  • Information about the used counters.
  • Formation and printing of receipts, according to which was the last payment.
  • Transfer of individual meter readings.
  • Adding personal accounts to the account.
  • Making significant changes to personal data.
  • Forwarding questions to JV Teploenergosbyt employees by receiving an email response.

Payment by card can be made using the “Pay for services now” link without entering your Omsk RTS personal account, while the subscriber’s identifiers are the index ZHEO and personal account number. Internet acquiring is provided by Promsvyazbank.

Registration and access to your personal account

Registration of a subscriber on the site begins with filling out an electronic questionnaire, a link to it is located in the top panel of the site’s pages. The questionnaire contains 5 fields for data entry:

  1. Last name, first name, middle name.
  2. Email address.
  3. Password for your personal account (at least 6 characters). | || 58
  4. Проверка пароля повторным набором.
  5. Phone.

The “Register” button will become active after the user:

  • Opens the registration rules in dashboard and marks the acceptance of them with a flag.
  • Moves the slider to the right edge (protection against spam registrations).

After sending the questionnaire, a notification will appear on the page about creating an account and the need to check electronic mail. An email containing an activation link should be sent to the email address from the questionnaire. By clicking on the link, the owner of the mail will go to the official website of RTS Omsk and will have to log in using the email and password that you selected during registration.

РТС Омск личный кабинет

For the first time, when you log in to your personal account, you need to unlock its contents by indicating the following personal information ( on heating receipt):

    • ZHEO index.
    • Personal account (in full, including zeros before and after).
    • Surname and name of the responsible tenant. || | 68
    • Населенный пункт.
    • Street and house number (selected from the drop-down list).


Pressing the “Save” button completes the registration of the subscriber in the system and gives him full access to the functionality available at the Omsk RTS personal account.

The option “Remember password” has been added under the password field, the use of which will help the subscriber to reset the password if necessary. For instructions on how to reset your password, click on the option and enter the email address.


Use your personal account RTS Omsk? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. I started using my personal account on 06/26/2020. I wrote a letter on the feedback with the company’s question, but this letter was left or not, because there is no mark on the form that the question-letter is gone. There is no registration of this letter (appeal, question) on the RTS and the timing of the answer. there are no outgoing and registration

  2. Why is the payment for heating charged for example -06.2019 during the period when heating is not performed, is it really turned off? Thank you.

  3. Когда работать будет сайт и делать правильное начисление? А может пора на Вас в суд подать?

  4. Good afternoon! 2nd day I can not pass the testimony of the IPU DHW throughout the house. Personal account of elders at home gives an error

  5. Do you have what - there is no normal employee collecting evidence information. We were invited by a water utility on Thursday to classes. Who did not know how to work - taught. Now everything is without problems. And you ???
    3 days I fight, but there’s no sense.

  6. Why are there such difficulties with the transfer of testimony? Through the system "All payments" testimonies do not get to you? Where does the testimony three times exceeding those given by me come from? It's about the testimony for hot water,

  7. Какой личный кабинет у Омскводоканал! Скопируйте и будет всем счастье. Всех замучили Омск РТС.
    As you don’t give evidence, anyway receipts coming with other data - fractional numbers, already with ten thousandths of a cubic meter of hot water. I registered in my account, but I can’t enter - Access is denied.

  8. Since last year, the PERSONAL CABINET advertised by you has not been working. WHY? Of all the resource supplying organizations, you work the worst!

  9. Dear, explain to me why I can’t enter my personal account for the third week? The address bar is displayed in the address bar, but there is no download. I tried to reinstall, everything is the same - the screen is white. not even a partial download. Sincerely, Efimenko Pavel Ivanovich, your client.

  10. I forgot my username and I can’t re-register the password. I can’t do what the matter is that in March I paid a receipt for the apartment of my neighbors now I have a debt for mountains of water and heating. How to transfer money back to my account I’m waiting for an answer

  11. Why transmit the testimony through your personal account on the 23-25th of each month - if receipts are brought with other data. Yes, and getting into your personal account is a whole problem.

  12. Absolutely stupid way to get into your Personal Account, at least its description. Is there really no normal specialist who would make a simple, accessible for everyone, access form? Why do not you pay attention to the reviews?

  13. it is not clear how you compose the receipt or you can sue for moral damages, where does the debt of 7203 for heating 2287 for water and 1831 penalties come from, who made such a receipt with a big hangover or what? Payment is made monthly on the Internet how can I register on the website to track the meter readings payment and debt ?

  14. How to register on the site with a senior housekeeper to transmit testimony by apartment ?

  15. It is impossible to complete registration in the system and open full access to the functionality !! ! Is that what is so conceived? But did anyone complete the registration? I need complete information: my debt, accruals, etc. How should I pay if there are no receipts?

  16. Hello .During August, they set a debt in the amount of 5894.27 rubles, explaining this by the fact that the meter did not give evidence. The testimony was transmitted monthly by SMS to number 5915, then it turned out he had exchanged; it was transferred to number 4536; all these printouts in Beeline I can take. I called to the subscriber department of the Central Administrative District on September 10 and 11 to try to find out where this amount of debt came from. The operator took my testimony but the receipt for September came on September 10, but the testimony did not change and remained the same as in August the amount of debt changed, it became more. I recounted all my payments from the moment of installing the metering devices, I have a debt for 2015 of 1974.23 rubles (counted at a rate for 2016 at 71.56 rubles), which I will pay online on 10/30/2017, I make all other payments on 08. the next month , I have printouts from Sberbank on hand. I don’t have to go to instances to sort it out, I can’t get on the phone with your experts, so I have to go to court for moral harm to my health.