Personal account Sevenergosbyt

Sevenergosbyt LLC is a guaranteeing electricity supplier in the city of Sevastopol. The company carries out wholesale and retail trade in electric energy and capacity. For the convenience of consumers, the testimony of individual metering devices has been organized by telephone, and the site has a functional personal account Sevenergosbyt, which allows subscribers to perform most online operations.

Севэнергосбыт официальный сайт

Personal account features

Personal account Sevenergosbyt - the most convenient way for customers and suppliers to interact. There is no longer any need to spend time visiting company offices, record and transmit meter readings on receipts, and stand in line for payment. Quickly, at a convenient time and from anywhere, all necessary actions can be performed using a device with Internet access.

The following options are available in the office:

  • Transfer meter readings, based on which accruals are made.
  • Payment of services in a non-cash way using a credit card.
  • Familiarization with current debts and charges.
  • View data on previous payments.
  • Print out receipts for payments and already paid bills.
  • Control of completed operations , charges, recalculations, payments.
  • Reference information, including contact details and current tariffs for electricity.

Registration and entrance to your personal account

Clients of the company registration of a personal section is available through the official website of Sevenergosbyt. In order to execute it, the following data should be entered into the empty fields on the office login page:

  • Last name of the subscriber.
  • Personal account (indicated in the upper left corner of the paper receipt). || | 54
  • Номер счетчика (указан в правом нижнем углу бумажной квитанции либо на самом счетчике).
  • Digital code from the picture.

Then, press the Enter button, and then Entrance to Sevenergosbyt’s personal account will be available.

Севэнергосбыт личный кабинет

Working in the system is very convenient. There is no need to remember the entered data, and if they are lost, use the “reset password” option: all data is contained in a paper receipt received monthly by mail.


Do you use your personal account Sevenergosbyt? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. What happened to my personal account on your site? Earlier, the personal account worked properly and through it the transfer of indications for payment of electricity was successful. Now I enter the same data absolutely correctly, but there is no entrance to my personal account and it becomes impossible to transmit the readings of the electric meter. # You don’t plow here. I have three browsers and all have been updated to the latest version. How can I go through the re-registration and enter my lost personal account?

  2. Not I can enter the office, I entered everything according to the instructions, but I still write an error. What to do?

    • Specify which error message is displayed on the screen after entering your account information?

  3. Within an hour there is an inscription in your personal office “Regular work is underway. Come back later. ” And so constantly. There is an unsubscribe to my claim.

  4. It’s already the 19th day of the month, and all the receipts not. What is the reason for this? How to pay for your services now?

  5. It’s almost impossible to get through the above phones, logging in to your personal account is difficult. When will you restore order and stop tormenting subscribers?

  6. it is impossible to enter your personal account. It works disgustingly. why create these sites

  7. Hello! How do I know if my appeal has reached? I can’t enter the LC, it is impossible to send an appeal. 2 days to no avail. Thank you

  8. Можно ли зарегистрироваться в личном кабинете юридическому лицу ?
    If not, then there is a proposal to create the same system for legal entities to give evidence of a collective (common house) meter designed to account for general house needs for electricity. Instead of a surname - the name of a legal entity, everything else as well.

  9. Hello, please tell me in your personal account I enter all the data and enter the counter number does not work enter your personal account? It turns out he does not see my counter number. Help me figure it out!