Personal account of HPS Energo Veliky Novgorod

TNS Energo Veliky Novgorod is part of the TNS Energo Group of Companies. The company, as a guaranteeing supplier, provides electricity to three quarters of the city’s energy retail market. The number of suppliers of the supplier, including private households and legal entities, exceeds 275 thousand. The website of the sales company is not only very informative, but also equipped with the service of the personal account of TNS Energo Veliky Novgorod for individuals, which presents a number of functions useful to subscribers.

ТНС Энерго Великий Новгород официальный сайт

Features of the personal account

Through personal office of TNS Energy Veliky Novgorod the following is available to the subscriber:

  • Transmission of meter readings.
  • Switching to receipt of receipts in electronic form.
  • Receive information about the accrual of interest (if any) debt).
  • Payment of electricity according to current indications.
  • Formation of receipts for the desired payment period.
  • View a journal in which all payments made are reflected.
  • Contact a consultant on accrual issues.

Unregistered users are also allowed to make payments and submit meter readings using the TNS Energy Veliky Novgorod official website. Unlike account owners, during these operations they enter their personal account number each time.

Registration and access to your personal account

The remote customer service is part of the website of the guaranteeing provider. The link to the personal account of TNS Energo Veliky Novgorod is placed as a separate line under the heading of the website’s web pages.

ТНС Энерго Великий Новгород личный кабинет

The authorization system provides access to the closed section for subscribers when the user provides the correct credentials: personal account number and password.

Due to the fact that the site has the ability to create accounts, registration is performed by the user by filling out an electronic application form.

The registration form requests information on the following items:

  • Personal account number . *
  • Field “Paid”. *
  • Enter the email address.
  • Email again.

* When clicking inside the line or by an icon with a question mark appears next to it, clearly demonstrating where to find the necessary details in the receipt.

To complete the registration, verification of the data is necessary on the side of the guaranteeing supplier. After it, the subscriber will receive a letter to the email address, the message will indicate the username and password. For problems with online registration, the user can contact the TNS office.

Having access to the email associated with the account, you can restore the password by entering the recovery section using the link from the authorization form. To receive a message with a new password by mail, you need to specify the personal account number, email address, symbols from the image and click on the “Restore” button.

The email address must be found in the system database, otherwise restore access will be necessary on a personal visit to TNS Energo Veliky Novgorod with a passport.


Use your personal account TNS Energy Veliky Novgorod? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.