Personal account Yantarenergosbyt

Yantarenergosbyt OJSC is one of the most popular electricity suppliers for private and corporate clients in the Kaliningrad region. There is a company for over 20 years. Personal account Yantarenergosbyt appeared relatively recently. Its main feature is that the entrance, as well as registration, are carried out separately for individuals and legal entities. This is due to the professional activities of the company.

Янтарьэнергосбыт официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

Personal account Yantarenergosbyt opens up the following opportunities for the company’s customers:

  • Indication of the data of the electricity meter in the personal account .
  • View information about metering device data for past periods.
  • Pay online with a credit card.

It should be noted that for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs indicate readings can be from the 22nd day of the current month. Private customers can provide meter readings at any time. This is the only difference between the functionality of an individual’s account from a legal one.

Registration and access to your personal account

One of the features of the Yantarenergosbyt personal account is registration only with an indication of the contract. Individuals can register without leaving home online.

Янтарьэнергосбыт Калининград личный кабинет

To register a legal entity, you must contact the office of the company and conclude an additional contract. After that, you can continue registration on the official website of Yantarenergosbyt to both individuals and legal entities:

  1. You should open the company’s website and go to the “My Account” tab.
  2. Indicate the number of the contract or personal bills.
  3. Then you need to enter the amount of payment for the last or penultimate month.
  4. Next, you need to enter the email address twice. You can’t copy the address, just enter it manually.
  5. Within a few minutes, a message with a login and password will be sent to the specified email address.

To enter Yantarenergosbyt’s personal account, you must enter a login and password that came by e-mail.

Янтарьэнергосбыт личный кабинет

You can restore the password without contacting technical support only if you have specified an email address and it is valid at the time of recovery. If there is no mail, you must call the hotline number. You will need a contract number with the organization and an individual taxpayer number. The password recovery process is the same for individuals and legal entities.


Use your personal account Yantarenergosbyt? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

2 reviews

  1. It is not possible to enter testimony normally in your account. And it is impossible to re-register and the old one is not entered.

  2. Contract 6695, I can’t enter the testimony in your account (does not select the contract) the window is not active.