Personal account of the URC Dmitrov

LLC “Unified Settlement Center” (ERC) - a municipal structure that performs the functions of charging, collecting and transferring funds from the population of the city of Dmitrov to resource-supplying organizations. In addition, services are provided for informing and advising citizens, as well as maintaining databases of subscriber accounts. For ease of servicing, a number of services are remotely provided on the settlement center website through the service of the personal account of URC Dmitrov.

ЕРЦ Дмитров официальный сайт

Features of the personal account

The personal account of the URC Dmitrov is a convenient and functional service that greatly simplifies the interaction procedure population and municipal organization. It is available around the clock and from any device with Internet access. The following functionality is available online:

  • View the current status of the subscriber account.
  • Transfer the readings of all individual metering devices.
  • Pay debts by bank transfer directly on the site. || | 42
  • Ознакомление с порядком предоставления субсидий и льгот.
  • Getting advice from support service specialists through correspondence.
  • View various background information, regulatory framework, company news.
  • Personalize your account, make changes to profile settings.

Register and enter your personal account

Registration of a personal section is available through the official website of the Dmitrov Information Center at For its implementation, it is necessary to be a subscriber serviced in the ERC and know the number of your single subscriber account (contained in the receipt). In addition to it, you will need a mobile phone number, registration address and last name.

After entering the specified data in the registration form, you must click "Register!". Within three days, the data will be checked, and an SMS message with a password will be sent to the phone number for authorization. From this moment on, access to the personal account of the Dmitrov Information Center becomes available. The subscriber account number is used as the login.

ЕРЦ Дмитров личный кабинет

You can also restore the password on the site by selecting the appropriate tab between the fields for login and password and entering the current account number. New data will be sent in an SMS message sent to the registered mobile phone number.


Do you use your personal account at Dmitrov URC? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. It is not possible to call the hotline to transmit the readings of counters; your personal account does not work. URGENTLY troubleshoot your dashboard or appear on the receipt email to transmit meter readings. In case of failure to fulfill my duties, I will be forced to report on poor quality customer service to Rospotrebnadzor, FAS, consumer protection.

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