Personal account Mosoblgaz

Mosoblgaz is one of the largest gas distribution companies in Russia and provides natural gas to the cities and towns of the Moscow Region. The enterprise has 51,000 km of gas pipeline networks in its area of ​​responsibility, thanks to which more than 3 million apartment and individual households, as well as more than 10,000 legal entities, are supplied with gas.

The energy supplier includes 10 branches throughout the Moscow region. You can familiarize yourself with the structure of the organization and register your Mosoblgaz account on the official website of the enterprise.

Мособлгаз официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

Online visits to Mosoblgaz’s personal account give the user the following options:

  • Подача заявки на технологическое присоединение к газопроводным магистралям.
  • Transfer of meter readings from energy consumption meters.
  • Making an appointment with Mosoblgaz specialists.
  • Connecting a personal account .
  • Formation of a payment document on gas debt.
  • Online payment of debt to the energy supplier.

Separate versions of your personal account are available for individual payers, municipal institutions, state organs.

Registration and access to your personal account

Login to your personal account Mosoblgaz through the same name tab on the main page. The user must fill out an application form for creating a personal account, entering the following data in it:

  • Mobile phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Personal account number (if any ).
  • Password (thought up by the user, you can restore the password by clicking on the link of the same name).

Мособлгаз личный кабинет

After filling out, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile phone (you must enter a combination in the corresponding window). After completing registration, the function of entering your personal account will be available, where you can subsequently adjust personal data and enter information about metering devices.


Use your personal Mosoblgaz account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Nowhere on the site can I print a receipt for payment, on the old site there was such an opportunity.

  2. I can not add another personal account to my personal account. Earlier it was no problem. what happened?

  3. I always paid through my account, I can’t enter my personal account, respectively, I can not pay without leaving home. What's the matter? When will the work of your personal account resume or go pay by mail?

  4. Return the old version !!!! New - horror! Is it really worth going to the post office again?

  5. I used my personal account for several years , but in the old version then there was a link “switch to the stream version” now it’s impossible to register in your new version they write that such a personal account is already registered and no further move.
    I would like to advise you good programmers, take an example from Mosenergosbyt | || 136

  6. I will also add my indignation! There used to be an old version of the site, according to which I calmly entered into my personal account, made a new version and it turns out that there is no such subscriber or an incorrect password !!! Is it possible? If the subscriber has registered, how would it be the difference to this account the old version of the site or the new !!! Can you really not bring your site to “mind” so that people would normally and calmly come in and pay their bills on time?

  7. I need to contact the management. They explained that this is possible only through a personal account.
    When registering, it was allowed without indicating a personal account. I did so, but now I can’t go in and read the answer to my question.
    Why didn’t I receive a notification message that the answer was ready, but forgot to attach the answer?

  8. I live in the country only in the summer. The system always took the same readings, but this time pass the same 46 that were not able to. The system wrote such evidence already. What can’t you tell me before May?

  9. Is it really impossible to bring the site to mind. Well, nothing is possible to understand at all. How to register, how to enter? Well, be simpler .... You still can’t play enough encryptors. Plant a normal guy of about 15 years old and let him work for you, as in the multiplication table ... .. Shame….

    • For a long time I used my personal account, everything was fine. Through my office I did everything necessary for two friends by connecting their personal accounts to their office. Everyone was happy. With the installation of a new design, all this collapsed. For several days now I have been trying to restore everything that was, but without success. Idiocy. Return at least in parallel, as it was before the new year, the old design.

  10. I’m already sitting at what time I can’t pay for December, everything was available before. My personal account and password, now I’m typing these control numbers wrong, what nonsense is it with them.?

  11. I can’t create my personal account for 2 months, I haven’t seen this anywhere. How should I do it? My personal account 060052011354

  12. I opened my personal account for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Now you can track your payments and readings. My question is: I paid twice for the same testimony, namely 04.07.2107 and 08.08.2017. as evidenced by the numbers in the Transmission section. The overpayment amount is 453.9 rubles.
    Please advise me how to be? Can I subtract this amount from the last payments of this 2017? My personal account is 204317341757, address:
    Bullfinches 3 Station Ave. 2

  13. I just can’t open my personal account. Some kind of abracadabra. And so for the third month in a row. Disgusting service !!!

  14. Good afternoon. Owned an apartment in Chekhov district, Moscow region. She came to the branch of GUP MO Mosoblgaz Podolskmezhraygaz on November 28, 2017. for the conclusion of the contract, I left all my necessary data in the customer service department, the personal account was immediately transferred to my name 090011805149, they also said that they would contact me and set the day of inspection of the apartment to conclude a contract with me, but call the PMU branch MO Mosoblgaz Podolskmezhraygaz located at Chekhov, st. Mira, d.5A is not real and of course no one called me either, I also inform you that I can’t register in Mosoblgaz’s personal account either, since the personal account number is on the previous owner. So, what is next? In 2016, they obliged all owners of residential premises to conclude agreements with MOSOBLGAZ or you will be fined, so who to ask? And how can I solve the issue with my personal account?

  15. Good afternoon. My personal account 170032122101 Three months ago I applied for remodeling a gas pipe in an apartment from our Branch of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Mosobgaz. no answer no hello. She called and came to them many times. Fomin Alexey Viktorovich Deputy. the chief answers me that welding is now underway for those people who paid 300 thousand each, and you expect that you do not have as much work for only 10 thousand as they have. And he said what they would do at the end of January. I also pay on time for gas and the same resident is that for the outrage who will pay more to that and we will do it, and we that ordinary people are not people.

  16. Good afternoon. My personal account is 101513646161. Address: Khimki, Novogorsk, Sokolovskaya St., 4th quarter, house 17, kV 5. This personal account was linked to the email of my son. How can I link this personal account to another email, to enter my personal account. I myself can’t do it.

  17. Gas equipment maintenance agreement in a private house for how long. The approximate price of the contract. With which organization, besides the Branch of the State Unitary Enterprise MOSOBLGAZ Bapashikhamezhraygaz Reutov RES, can I conclude an agreement

  18. I want make an electronic request for a copy of the gasification project of my private house to conclude a maintenance contract. How to do this through your account? I registered in the Personal Account.

  19. In a village house in the kitchen of 50 cubic meters. m installed boiler 16 kW and stove. 3-fold air exchange is required and plus for combustion - this is according to SNiP. I consider this requirement to be erroneous and this is why: the minimum requirement for the volume of the room is 15 cubic meters, with a 3-fold exchange, the intake of 45 cubic meters of air per hour and plus combustion are required. It turns out a paradox: the larger the volume of the room, the more air must be exchanged at the same boiler capacities. As it should be: the larger the room, the lower the requirement for air exchange, namely for a volume of 15 km - 45 km of air per hour, for a volume of 30 km - 1.5 times the air exchange per hour and for 45 k .m - a single exchange of air per hour, etc. up to the lack of exchange, but with the obligatory intake of air for combustion. Imagine if my boiler will stand in a room of 100 - 150 sq.m. Then in the winter my gas boiler will heat only the street, not the room. I would like to hear a reasonable refutation of my arguments. Sincerely, S. Victor

    • If Mosgaz wants to receive money on time, adjust the possibility of payment through personal accounts. Login is not possible. I tried more than once, you made a complete mess in this area. No organization has this! Everyone can easily pay for services.