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The independent natural gas producer PJSC Novatek is the largest Russian oil and gas company with twenty years of industry experience. Industrial consumers who have registered their company on the official Novatek portal can request, post and send information through the Novatek personal account, a section available on the site after authorization and assigned for use by the terms of the Gas Supply Agreement.

Новатек официальный сайт

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Покупатель газа, заключивший с компанией ПАО «Новатек» договор поставки, использует личный кабинет Новатек, чтобы с его помощью:

  • To see the status of gas payments.
  • Report daily gas consumption.
  • Send monthly and quarterly applications online, view a detailed shipping history.
  • Post scanned copies of documents (acceptance documents, reconciliation statements, invoices, invoices) .
  • View documents placed and received, sorting them by date and type, setting the search for a specific document.
  • Download document files to a computer.

Actions performed by an authorized user through the Novatek personal account are considered to be performed personally by the counterparty, who is assigned the username and password.

Registration and entrance to the personal account

An enterprise that has concluded gas supply agreement, registration is required on the portal. It is carried out after the company representative submits an application to his curator and sends a copy of the application to the head of the gas sales department. After processing the application, the representative of the organization receives unique registration data - username and access code. The user ID remains unchanged, while the password is allowed to be changed from the settings of your personal account.

To ensure the correct operation of the service, the user should open the official Novatek website only in recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox .

It is believed that the user logging into the counterparty’s personal account has accepted the terms of service, the text of which is displayed on the authorization page when clicking on the link “Terms of the Offer Agreement.”

Новатек личный кабинет

For Logging into your Novatek personal account, the system asks for a username and password. Authorization data is sent by the "Login" button.

To restore the password, a representative of the organization - an industrial consumer personally contacts the place of primary access data.


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