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The supply of natural gas in the Northwestern Federal District is carried out by Gazprom Mezhregiongaz St. Petersburg. Today, the company successfully serves customers in four regions: St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions, in the Karelian Republic.

The introduction of remote services is designed to provide a comfortable interaction between the company and its customers. So, the personal account of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz St. Petersburg allows you to receive information about the services of the company, as well as transfer data and make payments in a timely manner and at a convenient time for the client.

Межрегионгаз Санкт-Петербург официальный сайт

Features of the personal account

First turn, the personal account Mezhregiongaz St. Petersburg allows the client to exercise control over the state of the personal account and transfer data on the volumes of natural gas consumed. The timeliness of data transfer depends on the calculation of the cost of services, as well as the timeliness of their payment. In addition, the client receives operational information about changes in tariffs and the cost of resources and services.

Also, the client in the personal account of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz St. Petersburg:

  • Can print a receipt for paying for services.
  • Check the amount of consumed resource and the amount of money spent. || | 46
  • Получить прочую информацию об услугах компании.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can register on the official website of the company. Before registration, you must have before your eyes a receipt for paying for services.

Межрегионгаз Санкт-Петербург личный кабинет

On the main page of the official website of Petersburgregiongaz, go to the "My Account" section and fill out the proposed registration form:

  • Enter your personal account number ( at the top of the receipt form).
  • In the lower right corner of the receipt is an individual code for registration.
  • Next, the login and password are generated.

You must also specify the email address and phone number. Next, the client needs to confirm his agreement with the user agreement, as well as enter the activation code of the user’s account.


Use your personal office Mezhregiongaz St. Petersburg? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Лицевой счет 708055721 для оплаты, приходит за 3-х человек, по данному адресу прописан ОДИН чел.Какой документ надо предъявить, чтобы снизить оплату. Сделать ПЕРЕРАСЧЕТ.

  2. I don’t know how the local signatories here, but I really like this site . Registered and do not know worries. I saved in the browser even a username and password so that I don’t remember the endless. Everything before your eyes: overpayment or debt; history of entered testimony; the ability to enter readings and immediately pay the expense. Anyone who cannot work normally with this service either does not understand the computer, or does not want to understand. Not all are wunders. Then let it be done for you by someone who understands.

  3. As always, everything muddied. Not easier than for email. energy plate: Personal account, meter reading, email. mail, verification code, send and EVERYTHING.

  4. everything is very accessible, but there is a suggestion. I do not always wait for the receipt of the receipt and I consider the amount myself, you can add the cost of 1 cbm to your personal account gas. I can’t remember the numbers after the decimal point

  5. I registered in your personal account, everything is very clear . You can submit a meter reading, see the history of readings, payment, pay via the Internet. very convenient, I am satisfied.

  6. I can not enter my personal account, I register , write mail ... password and everything back. Deadlock, what to do

  7. Хочу зарегистрироваться и пользоваться личным кабинетом, однако не могла разобраться, где же заполнять показания? И почему у меня такая задолженность? Плачу по счетчику после установки новых приборов ко мне никто не приходил.

    • When installing a new device, the master was obliged to issue an act in which the meter reading should be indicated when installation. The fact is that all meters are tested for leaks. For this reason, the initial testimony does not have to be zero.

  8. One registration in the new office replaces the pleasure of completing the quest. The readings you enter do not affect anything, you have already decided for me how much gas I consumed and how much I have to pay. There is no opportunity to make an adequate prepayment at all. It's nice, of course, and - judging by the reviews - it has been going on for a long time, and you are not doing anything about it. Please normalize the work of the office, I will not pay for the figures taken from the ceiling.

    • Dear Natalya. And what would you do if your communal neighbor didn’t pay for electricity, gas and water. Gazprom is also a man, but rich, and somehow he cannot afford to support everyone “and then I will pay”.

  9. To connect a personal account, you must enter the code (2-digit) and the number of the personal account. Where can I find the point / sector code? When searching via the Internet, the addresses of the point / sector with phones and address are issued. What is the code in this info?
    My personal account 412059913

    • Dear Anastasia! Have you tried to go to the payment acceptance center of Gazprom? Maybe they will tell you a 2-digit code? Although the inner voice tells me that this is a confirmation code that came to your phone. The organization must make sure that you are not a bot.

    • For a long time everything has been fixed. It's just that not everyone has turned on. Or do not want to ...

  10. you can’t get through to any published number, no one answers the phone.
    It would be busy - I see. Do you really have anyone to set up calls to the operators?
    Then contact the specialists.

    • Old man Hottabych immediately answered you: I obey and obey. But Gazprom is not Old Man Hottabych: he is doing a lot for you. Carefully follow your actions: maybe you are typing the wrong city code or something like that.

  11. Do not enter your personal account. If you enter, the settings are reset during the first manipulation. Where are the amenities for the consumer? Subscriber 412003589

    • Are you sure that you are carrying out the necessary manipulations? In addition, there is such a problem as blocking unfamiliar addresses by some browsers. For example, Firefox suffers a lot from this.