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The unified information and settlement center “Kvartplata 24” is a convenient and affordable service for settlements and accounting of payments in the housing and communal services sector with an automatically updated legislative base. Mutually beneficial partnership of Management companies, Homeowners' associations, resource-supplying organizations, banks, settlement organizations and consumers allows us to resolve all issues promptly and at minimal cost to all parties. For subscribers there is a personal section of the site - Kvartplat 24 personal account, providing round-the-clock access from any device with Internet access to all the services of the official service.

Квартплата 24 официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

Kvartplat personal account 24 - a service for remote customer service, which allows you to perform the following operations at a convenient time without leaving home:

  • View the current status of the subscriber’s personal account.
  • Transfer the readings of individual metering devices.
  • View the history of the transmission of testimony and payments made.
  • Configuring additional services and services (SMS-informing, data transmission by e-mail).
  • View up-to-date information and the procedure for calculating and calculating contributions for overhaul.
  • Payment of utilities with a bank card or electronic wallet without commission.
  • Printout of a receipt for payment of services.
  • View up-to-date regulatory documents governing the procedure for charging services for HOAs.
  • Consultation with a specialist through correspondence.
  • Other background information, useful contacts and addresses.

Registration and access to your personal account

Registration of a personal account for subscribers of the partners of the Kvartplat 24 system is not required: it is provided by default. Entrance to the personal account of Kvartplat 24 is carried out by login and password specified in the receipt for payment of housing and communal services in the lower right corner of the sheet. They can also be obtained from the accounting department of the service organization.

Квартплата 24 личный кабинет

You can reset your password online by clicking on the link “I don’t remember the password” under the fields for entering the login and password on the account login page. The system will prompt you to enter the subscriber’s login, by which the necessary password will be found. You can also restore data by contacting the accounting department with an identity document.


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