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The City system of Altai Krai is a single settlement center that allows all residents of the region to pay for most of the services in one place. The partners of the system are management companies, housing cooperatives and homeowners associations, mobile operators and Internet providers, as well as banks and mail. Thanks to such cooperation, there are many points of payment for services, including the System City personal account, available on the official website, which allows registered users to choose the most comfortable and safe type of payment.

Система Город официальный сайт

Personal account features

Зарегистрированный личный кабинет Система Город не только прост и удобен в использовании, но и отличается рядом преимуществ:

  • Fast payment processing, and, as a result, prompt receipt of funds to the subscriber account.
  • Дополнительный контроль системой организаций, принимающих платежи, на предмет корректности работы.
  • Obtaining operational information about the debt through your personal account, including in the form of SMS.
  • No need to use receipts, settlement books and other paper media - all data is available in electronic form.
  • Ability to transfer an advance payment online.
  • The presence of a single database of service providers consisting of more than 1,500 organizations.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can register your account in several ways: by contacting the housing company serving the house or by doing it yourself on the site.

Система Город личный кабинет

Self-registration in the remote service system is available from the main page of the System City account. By clicking on the appropriate button, you must select the type of receipt, and then fill in the fields: personal account number from the receipt, its code and mobile phone number.

An SMS with a password is sent to the specified number, which should be entered in the field that opens. After the above actions, access to the personal account System City becomes available. The phone number or the system user’s card number is used as a login (displayed in the personal account in the upper right).

To restore the password, send an SMS with the text “Password” to the number 8 903 767 -20-24, in response to which you will receive a text message containing a new password for logging in.


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