Personal account of Criminal Code of Russia Tyumen

UK "Rus" - the management company of the city of Tyumen. She is responsible for more than 65 apartment buildings, which she provides with the necessary utilities. The organization strives to meet the modern needs of residents, maintains a high level of service, and also offers the maximum range of services, including remote service. Using the full functionality of the service allows the personal account of Managing Company Rus Tyumen, available on the official website.

УК Русь Тюмень официальный сайт

The capabilities of the personal account

The ability to receive the necessary services online has already been appreciated by many subscribers who have registered the personal account of managing company Rus Tyumen. Available around the clock and from any device with access to the Internet, the office not only helps save time, but greatly simplifies the interaction between the management company and homeowners.

For registered users in the office the following are available:

  • Просмотр текущего состояния личного счета абонента.
  • Monitoring accruals and settlements made.
  • Transferring readings from individual meters and viewing the history of readings.
  • Management of operational information settings.
  • Obtaining current news.
  • View reference information and the regulatory framework governing the activities of the Criminal Code, accrual procedures and tariffs for services, provision of benefits and subsidies.
  • Work with receipts (viewing, printing, saving).

Registration and access to your personal account

Registration of a personal section is available to owners of subordinate housing through the official website UK Tyumen from the authorization page or via the link http: // For its implementation it is necessary: ​​

  1. Fill out the registration form containing the fields - UK, name, mail address, phone number and desired password.
  2. Read the terms of the user agreement and confirm your agreement with them.
  3. Click "Register" and wait for the letter to the specified e-mail with registration confirmation.
  4. Confirm the registration according to the instructions in the letter. Entrance to the personal account of the Criminal Code Rus Tyumen becomes available immediately after confirmation.

УК Русь Тюмень личный кабинет

You can also restore the password on the site, from the authorization page, by selecting the appropriate menu section. To recover, you will only need to enter a registered email address and, following the instructions sent, create a new password.


Do you use your personal account of the Criminal Code of Russia Tyumen? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Нет возможности передать показания счетчиков в личном кабинете. Называешь пароль и логин, а в ответ неправильно набрано. Исправить надо.

  2. Someone was wise. The site is down. ADVERTISEMENT pops up in your account.
    Then there is a message that it is exceeded, it is not clear what. Return to the old and WORKING version.

  3. site does not work data cannot be transferred. For three days I’m sitting typing uselessly. Full of nerves.

  4. It is impossible to pass the IPP. Do not get on the phone. The site is down. The BORDAC has begun ....

  5. Good afternoon! Your data site is going to work at all. It is not possible to enter your personal account, XXI century.

  6. For what reason there is no access to your personal account? Correct the problem for the convenience of transferring accounting data!

  7. Please accept the complaint about accounting UK Russia. I made the payment on January 9, today they said that they did not see the money and re-took the payment from my husband in the office. I consider this to be extortion, I will complain about you to the Rospotrebnadzor and to the Housing Inspectorate !!! I threw the payment to you by e-mail - look and carefully analyze the payments. Put things in order in accounting - they communicate very rudely with me. They make mistakes, and blame me on this - the owner of the apartment.

  8. Good evening ! The site does not work, the problem is TRANSFERRING DATA TO THE ACCOUNTING DATA. A week was tormented and useless. To arrive in the old fashioned way on a piece of paper there are no forms whether or not the instrument readings will be accepted in free form. In general, a solid negative from such a SERVICE.