The personal account of the Manager

“Manager” is a single settlement center, the structure of which includes an information and settlement service and a passport and registration service. The area of ​​responsibility of the company is more than 15 microdistricts of Moscow and Moscow region. Settlement centers are focused on step-by-step accessibility in each of the microdistricts.

Tasks of the ERC “Managerdom” enterprise: delivering monthly receipts for utilities, registering new residents at the place of residence, or deregistering, collecting and filling out a package of documents for replacement passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation, consulting assistance to residents of the microdistrict on payment of housing and communal services, payment of housing and communal services and others.

In order to start using the services of the ERC, you need to visit the personal account of the Office.

Управдом официальный сайт

Personal office options

The following functions are available for authorized users through the personal account of the Office:

  • Payment of utility bills using bank cards.
  • View details on payments for rent.
  • Transmission of readings of meters for resource consumption.
  • Getting advice on charges with the possibility of filling out an application for an extract.
  • Making an appointment with a passport office specialist.
  • Viewing the current status of personal accounts.

Registering and entering your personal account

The process of registering on the site as there is none. To activate a personal account, the homeowner must contact the office of the URC “Managerdom” and leave the necessary data to the manager, after which the user will be sent information to activate the personal account.

Управдом личный кабинет

You can activate the personal account of the Administrative Office by pressing the button of the same name in the authorization window . In the window that opens, you need to enter a phone number and follow the instructions of the online service.

You can reset the password by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" in the authorization menu. After completing the operation data, the subscriber will have access to all the functionality of his personal account.


Use personal account manager? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Good afternoon!
    For a month now I’ve been trying to get into my personal account to monitor and pay utilities.
    The employee’s advice to re-register does not bring the proper result.
    How be in this situation, write what tools to use.

  2. How much you can! No matter how you go, your personal account never works! You call the hotline phone, listen to information that the call is no more than 5 minutes, just get ready to ask your question, how the call is interrupted! Are residents calling this phone for the sole purpose of listening to this information? This is a form of mockery!
    Finally, establish a website! And if you can’t do it, then close it altogether and do not recommend using it. So honestly and say: there are no specialists who could do this in our organization.
    Judging by the reviews, you do not have such simple work in the mind.
    In the mind only fill your pockets of money.

  3. A resident of Lobny Sergey.
    Unable to register on your site. This is a temporary problem or judging by the appeals of people an impossible task for the subscriber. Actions on issued instructions do not achieve the goal. What to do?

  4. Lobnya!
    Yes what But you are for the enemies then! Make the site work already normal! Accounts (payments) are NOT FORMED from the word AT ALL! How much should I pay for an apartment ??? I have neither the time nor the desire to stand in this crazy queue at the cash register (Lobnensky Boulevard, 9), just to pay you for the services rendered. No one will NEVER answer on these phones.

  5. From Obninsk. What a misfortune, that our houses (Lenin Ave. 42, for example) were transferred to your ERC. To indicate the readings of water meters, you have to go to distant lands to the point of “in-person service” to put “tear-off blank” in the boxes with meter readings, otherwise you will pay three times more for the general tariff for water. It is impossible to register in your personal account: either it crashes, or you also need to go to the "full-time service" point - it is not very clear. On your phones (79-4-63, 79-7-23), no one picks up the phone. Is it really impossible to make normal receipts for payment (as it was before)?

  6. After repeated attempts to log in again - it still happened!
    the meter readings transmitted

  7. В личном кабинете зарегистрироваться невозможно. Хотя получена инструкция (через 2 недели после обращения!!!) которая не работает. Документы ВСЕ предоставлены, однако при активации личного кабинета появляется запись: или пользователь с номером телефона не найден, либо бесконечная смена кода. Возникает вопрос: ЗАЧЕМ такие сложности? Неужели для того, чтобы СОБСТВЕННИК мог заплатить коммунальные услуги надо так шифроваться? Меня не устраивает, что я до сих пор не имею возможности проверить начисления, т.к. кроме одной квитанции НИЧЕГО больше в почтовом ящике не появлялось.

  8. Place order in the work of the site. Activated personal account. In your personal account, data is displayed that do not match the data of the receipt that was received by mail. Receipts from the site are not loading. Pages for transmitting meter data do not open. Settlement history - there are no decent words for comments.
    For a serious company this is not solid and unacceptable.
    The first impression of the interaction on such relatively simple questions is negative.

  9. It is impossible to get into your personal account. Old username and password stopped accepting. We spent time and arrived at the office to register again. The result is the same; this system also cannot detect a new phone. Calls are answered by technical support. I found two forms on the site: “report an error” and “feedback”, both sent a message. In response, silence. Is there technical support? Where to look for her? How much time does it take to pay utility bills and transfer meter readings without debt?

  10. Не могу зарегистрироваться в личном кабинете. Пишет, что пользователь с таким номером телефоном не найден!!!
    When contacting the Household Management they said that from 11/18/2017 I can use my personal account.
    However, at present, there are difficulties with authorization

  11. Do not write off payment for the month (September) write the debt when full payment. It is impossible to pay through your personal account.

  12. I can not register in the Personal Account. I type the code from the picture, click send, a new picture pops up with the code. And what's next?