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The first water supply company appeared in Novokuznetsk back in the 30s of the twentieth century. It was modernized, undergoing a reorganization, until it was transformed into Vodokanal LLC. For the convenience of consumers, Vodokanal LLC regularly integrates information technologies in the process of providing services.

To manage services, log in to your personal account at Vodokanal Novokuznetsk.

Водоканал Новокузнецк официальный сайт

Personal Account Features

An authorized subscriber through the personal account of Vodokanal Novokuznetsk has the opportunity to:

  • Renew / suspend the contract with the service provider.
  • Transfer meter readings from water consumption meters.
  • View payment history services.
  • Pay arrears from a bank card or Yandex Money and Qiwi wallet.
  • View the specification of metering devices.
  • Receive newsletter. || | 49
  • Осуществлять вызов специалистов обслуживания гидросистемы.
  • Form a payroll with subsequent printing.

Register and enter your personal office

Enter your personal The office of Novokuznetsk Vodokanal is located in the "Individuals" section on the main page. For authorization, you need to enter a pair of "login + password". There is a link "Forgot your password?" To restore the password.

Водоканал Новокузнецк личный кабинет

To register in your personal account, the following data must be entered into the system:

  • Email address and telephone.
  • Name of subscriber.
  • Personal account number.
  • The full address of the subscriber.
  • The desired password is 6-10 characters.

After filling out the form, an email will be sent to activate the account, by clicking on which you can use the functionality account.


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